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Part One of Two – “How Much Is My Case Worth?” – It’s one of the most common questions I field: “how much is my case worth?” There is no good, short, accurate answer, aside from “whatever an insurance adjuster or judge/jury says it’s worth.”

People want answers, and I strive to provide them, yet I can’t help but say “it depends” when faced with the popular inquiry. Sure, an injured party is typically entitled to the medical expenses and lost wages incurred. I say “typically” because more and more, insurance companies are not fully compensating injured parties for these amounts, looking for any reason to cut either amount. And beyond the “hard specials” that have been incurred (medicals and lost wages), there is the difficult-to-quantify-and-equally-hard-to-evaluate element of “non-economic damages,” that is, pain and suffering.

So what drives the value of a personal injury case? Here are some of the factors upon which “it” (the value of a case) depends, in no particular order. (Lawyer’s Disclaimer: as with anything else on this site, nothing in this post should be construed as legal advice. No two cases are alike, even if all of the factors below match up. No two adjusters are alike and no two juries are going to evaluate a case exactly the same. Further, there is much more that could be said about each factor below. This is intended as a brief, introductory discussion of factors to be considered, not an exhaustive recitation of the topic. To properly evaluate a person injury case, contact me or another attorney for a more in-depth discussion about the facts of your individual situation.)

Thanks for reading. Check back next week for Part Two of “How Much Is My Case Worth?”