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What Happens if the Insurance Company Doesn’t Make a Reasonable Offer to Settle My Personal Injury Case? – It happens. Regularly. Insurance companies get a demand package from an injured person’s attorney’s office and make a low-ball offer. Some clients insist on taking it. Unfortunately, some attorneys who claim to know how to practice personal injury law don’t know better and tell their clients to take the offer. Other attorneys, even if they practice personal injury, would rather not step foot in a courtroom, and tell their client that the offer is good in hopes they themselves can avoid the stress, time, and effort devoted to achieving a better result in court.

I’m all for fair and reasonable negotiations. But the fact of the matter is, in the majority of instances, the insurance companies are not going to offer full value pre-suit. They realize that the economic toll of the injury on the victim, and the fact that the process can be so time consuming, weighs heavily on an injured party. The insurance company has nothing to lose by sitting on the settlement money, whereas the plaintiff is at a significant disadvantage in this respect, already out of medical billing, lost time from their employment, and the resulting economic loss, and perhaps a permanent injury that bothers them throughout the day, every day. As such, the insurance companies have leverage in many negotiations knowing that some injured parties and some attorneys are willing to take whatever is thrown at them. Some attorneys who say they practice personal injury take this personally and call the insurance companies evil, unethical, etc., but this is ridiculous and does nothing to solve the problem. The insurance companies are businesses designed to make money by taking in premiums and trying to pay out as little as they can on each and every claim that is presented to them, regardless of whether the claim involves an injured pinky or a tragic death. They’re a business seeking profits. But it’s my job to make sure we’re doing everything to get what each client deserves in each particular case.

I’ve tried hundreds of cases like yours in District and Circuit Courts throughout the state. I’ve negotiated hundreds more to successful settlements prior to the need to trial. And I’ve done so from both sides of the courtroom, that is, as a defense attorney and now as an advocate for the injured party. The insurance companies know I will try my client’s case. They realize I know the value of my client’s case. If they don’t offer a fair settlement, we’ll file suit. And if we file suit, it won’t be just to try to get a settlement. I’ve been preparing my client’s case for trial since the day I was retained. If the insurance company doesn’t offer a fair settlement, they should be prepared to pay whatever a judge or jury says a fair amount is.

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