Car Crashes & Collisions

Welcome to our Bmore Attorney, where we are dedicated to helping victims of car crashes and collisions. Car crashes can be a life-changing event, even when the property damage isn't significant and there isn't a need for hospitalization. Even seemingly "routine" crashes can cause lasting physical and emotional trauma, as well as financial strain. Bmore Attorney's goal is to provide legal representation to those who have been injured in such collisions and to help our clients obtain the compensation they need to move forward with their lives.

Our experienced and empathetic team understands the complexities of these types of cases and works tirelessly to ensure that your legal rights are protected. We will investigate your case thoroughly, gather evidence, and build a strong case to prove liability and damages, both of which are critical to protecting the value of your claim.We handle a wide range of car accident cases, including those involving rear-end collisions, side-impacts, hit-and-run crashes (also called "phantom vehicle" crashes), and multi-car collisions.

Jared has extensive experience negotiating with insurance companies and is prepared to take your case to trial if necessary. He started his legal career working on "the inside" for one of the nation's largest auto insurers. He's successfully settled countless cases involving personal injuries resulting from car crashes and has tried hundreds of cases in Maryland courts involving these circumstances.

Jared and his team understands the physical, emotional, and financial toll that car crashes and resulting injuries can take on victims and their families. That's why we offer a free initial consultation to assess your case and help you understand your legal options.If you or a loved one has been injured in a car wreck, don't hesitate to contact us for legal representation. Jared is available to answer your questions, or his legal team stands ready to help provide you with the support you need during this difficult time.

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