For Lawyers

Are you a lawyer looking to refer a client to a firm you can trust to get the most from the insurance company and take exceptional care of your client all along the way? Whether you're a Maryland lawyer who doesn't want to litigate a case, or an attorney not licensed in Maryland who needs someone to handle your client's case from Day 1, we've been that firm for other attorneys for years.

With a background as an insurance defense attorney, but now with an equal amount of years on the personal injury side, Jared is able to properly evaluate cases more objectively than one who's only practiced on one side or the other. Further, he's tried hundreds of cases, to include well over 150 jury verdicts throughout Maryland, so the insurance companies know he's not going to take an offer that isn't reasonable. And Bmore Attorney is home to an exceptional legal team that gives warm, empathetic, responsive assistance to all of our clients, from Day 1 until their settlement/judgment check is ready for disbursement. And in most instance, we're in touch with our clients long after the formal process has concluded, as we've developed real bonds with our clients, seeing them for what they are - people in need of help, not just cases or “clients.”  

Further, within established ethical parameters, Bmore Attorney is happy to enter into Joint Representation Agreements with referring attorneys and the prospective clients, such that the respective firms can, with the written permission of the proposed client, share the one fee that would otherwise be owed on a case.  Upon request, Jared would be happy to share with you the names of other attorneys he’s worked with, if you’d like to vet his track record independently. We’re confident that the harder you look, you’ll see that Bmore Attorney is the firm for your prospective referral.