Wrongful Deaths & Fatalities

Losing a loved one is never easy, and we understand how that is an understatement in its truest sense. But the grief can be even harder to bear when the death of a family member could have been avoided but was caused by another's wrongdoing. Securing financial compensation will never cure the loss or fill the void left behind by the loved one lost, but it is oftentimes the only sense of justice that can be achieved. Further, the financial compensation secured can help replace the economic support that that loved one would have otherwise provided to his or her family had they not been taken from you unexpectedly.

Bmore Attorney is led by an experienced attorney who has all-too-often handled sensitive cases involving the very unfortunate and untimely passings of those taken from us too early because of another's negligence. Whether by auto, trucking or pedestrian crash, medical mistakes, negligent security, workplace violence or accidents, Jared can advise you of your rights and legal options following a loved one's death.

It never gets easier trying to console a father, mother, daughter, son, or sibling as they grieve their loss and try to make sense of the travesty that a person's mistake has wrought. But providing that type of solace is the first step in a case like this. The financial compensation and the case itself are important, no doubt. But trying to provide comfort and security in a time when you feel lost is a primary concern from day one. This isn't just "a case" to us at Bmore Attorney. We understand the compassion required to effectively navigate a matter that involves so much emotion.  

As we provide empathetic guidance to the victim's family, Jared and his team investigate the underlying circumstances and preserve evidence necessary to secure justice and compensation for the victim's family. While consulting an attorney is rarely the first thing a family member thinks about after losing a loved one, the sooner a person consults with and retains an attorney to investigate a claim, the better. Crucial evidence could be destroyed in the meantime. It is important to remember that there is no fee to retain an attorney under these circumstances. As with personal injury cases, attorney's fees in matters involving wrongful death are only owed IF and WHEN compensation is secured via an eventual settlement. In short, there is no risk to the victim's estate or family in securing an attorney upfront. No fee is owed UNLESS and UNTIL a recovery is made. If circumstances exist that prevent a recovery, there is no fee for our services, no matter how much time and effort we've expended on your behalf.

If you find yourself in this terrible situation, mourning the loss of a loved one who was killed as a result of someone else's mistake, please don't hesitate to contact Jared and his team today for a free, no-pressure consultation, whether in person or otherwise. You need to trust the person and team that will potentially be handling such an important and sensitive matter. We welcome the opportunity to discuss why we feel best suited to assist you and your family - and honor the memory of your loved one - by securing some semblance of justice by holding the appropriate parties responsible for what they have done.