About Us

Almost every attorneys’ website will gladly boast about how diligent and skilled they are about the awards they’ve won or where they went to school and how they’re going to “work hard to get the result you want.”  If you want to read Jared’s bio click here.

But the most important thing to know is this: Jared wants to help. He will listen to your problem from the moment you call. You will never doubt that you’re being heard. He’ll guide you through the process, explaining what’s going on and why it’s happening, in a way that’s easy to understand and that won’t leave you feeling like you’re being rushed or talked down to. Jared will patiently address whatever questions or concerns you have; he recognizes that, while he has been through the process hundreds of times before, this is likely your first time facing the problem you have come to him to solve. Bottom line: he’ll treat you the way he’d want to be treated if he were in your shoes. Call Bmore Attorney today to schedule an appointment to speak with or meet Jared. He’ll listen to your problem and let you know if he can help you. If he can’t directly assist you, he’ll help connect you with someone who can.