Attorney at Law

I was born and raised in the Land of Bohs and O’s, in the blue-collar suburb of Arbutus, Maryland.

I was born and raised in the Land of Bohs and O’s, in the blue-collar suburb of Arbutus, Maryland. I’m grateful for the sacrifices my parents made to put me in the best position possible as it related to my future. Any successes I’ve achieved are directly attributable to my upbringing and my relationship with my parents and older brother, Broc. They emphasized working hard, attention to detail, and a balanced life that included a focus on family, education, athletics and involvement in the church and community.

I attended high school at Cardinal Gibbons in Baltimore City which, sadly, is no longer in existence. When I graduated from Gibbons, I moved on to Salisbury University on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. There, I played basketball for two years before retiring. When I say I “played,” I mean I practiced hard and barely ever saw any significant playing time. And when I say I “retired,” I mean I got cut after my second season. But the experience is one I’ll always look back fondly on. Just making the team and playing occasionally was the culmination of countless hours of hard work and sweat. More importantly, the relationships I built there have continued to this day.

While at Salisbury, I wrote for the University paper (politics and sports), hosted a radio show for a brief time, and did color commentary for the University television station for men’s basketball’s games once I’d “retired” from playing. I also ran a make-shift barber shop out of my dorm room, giving my signature “high and tight” fade to all my patrons. I still cut my own hair. Maybe you already figured that out, though.

In college, I continued to devote significant time and attention to classwork, with the goal of attending law school upon graduation. I was fortunate to graduate with top honors and was humbled to be the recipient of the Justin P. Shen Memorial Award, given to the graduating senior with the highest GPA in the Political Science department. During college, I also interned with a delegate in the Maryland General Assembly and with then-Congressman Ben Cardin in the summer before 9/11.

After graduation, I was admitted to the University of Maryland School of Law. In my first semester, I helped coach a local high school basketball team, enjoying the opportunity to assist a friend, stay close to the game I loved, and mentor young men. During my first summer of law school, I started as a law clerk with a firm that handles a large bulk of State Farm’s work in Maryland. It was a great opportunity to learn so much about the law, litigation, and the insurance industry so early in my legal career. Upon graduation and passage of the bar, I was offered a position with the firm.'

I practiced as an associate there for almost eight years, gaining invaluable experience and mentoring from some excellent trial lawyers. The immense amount of trial work I was able to handle right out of the gate was an opportunity few attorneys get, and that case load did not let up with the more experience I obtained. By the time I’d left the firm to switch to plaintiff’s work, I’d tried well over a hundred jury trials and hundreds more in the district court. To this day, I'm privileged to remain friends with many of the folks I worked with there, despite the fact that now we're on opposite sides of the same issues.

More importantly, I met my wonderful (vast understatement) wife during my time at that office. We were married in 2010 and currently live in Harford County, where we raised two older sons and are still raising our youngest. Adrian served our country in the Navy, receiving an Honorable Discharge at the end of his term, as did our "middle" son, Taylor, who proudly served in the Marines until recently. Our youngest, Finn, is in middle school, with plenty of time to decide what he’d like to do when he grows up.

Speaking of trying to decide what to do with one’s life…Wanting a challenge beyond what the defense perspective provided, and desiring to put my skills to use for the benefit of people rather than an insurance company’s bottom line, I switched over to plaintiff’s practice. I worked at a very busy plaintiff’s practice for two years, gaining valuable exposure to a heavy caseload of files that was focused on personal injury and workers’ compensation.

There came a point in time that I decided that I wanted to run my practice my way, making the calls and managing a case the way I felt would best benefit the client. I started my practice, Bmore Attorney, on the premise that my clients are the focus. And it starts with the firm’s name; I don’t need or want my name front and center, because my client is the central figure. While my team is integral to the successes we’ve achieved for our clients, I do not hand off important client interaction; if you have a question or concern for me, I will address it for you. Other plaintiff’s firms expect their staff to manage a case while the attorney devotes his or her attention to “more important” matters. At Bmore Attorney, your matter is important to me, and I will handle it.

If you have a matter that you need assistance with, I welcome the opportunity to speak with you. No issue is too big or too small to take the time to sit down and discuss. If I have an answer, I’ll share it. If I don’t, I’ll find it for you. If you’ve read this far, it’s likely you’re investigating attorneys to see who is a fit to handle your problem. Don’t just take a website or an attorney’s word for it. I hope you’ll call to schedule a meeting (consultations are always free of charge) so you can determine for yourself whether Bmore Attorney is the right firm for you.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the obligatory "bio" notes. I'm a Virgo, I do actually enjoy long walks on the beach, I truly am a Ravens and Orioles fan, though I enjoy watching college basketball even more (but enjoy coaching my son and kids his age the game even more than that). I enjoy watching comedy (they don't make 'em like they used to). I still wonder what happened to the couple in "Escape/The Pina Colada Song" in the days after the song ended. I consider myself a fan of the Oxford Comma (the actual comma, as well as the song by Vampire Weekend). And I like a broad array of music, from Frank Sinatra to James Brown to Waylon Jennings to Erik B. and Rakim to Sturgill Simpson. When I'm not working, I enjoy the company of my family and friends I'm blessed to have in my life. Most of all, I like being helpful to people, particularly in difficult times, which certainly suits the line of work I've chosen.