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If you’re a lawyer with an injured client that has a case that you can’t handle due to a conflict (calendar or ethical), lack of time, being barred outside of Maryland, or the matter being outside your typical area of practice, Jared would be happy to speak with you regarding a potential referral. Having handled hundreds of district court cases and nearly 150 jury trials in venues throughout Maryland, Jared has the experience that you and your client can rely on.  His background handling cases from both sides of the courtroom enhances his ability to anticipate and solve problems that oftentimes wind up tanking a case if unnoticed, unaddressed, or poorly assessed.

Jared routinely is called upon to handle such matters for colleagues who are similarly situated and need assistance in handling personal injury cases, whether from the case’s inception or later for suit, discovery, and trial. 

Even if you’re handling a case and just want another opinion regarding a specific issue in that matter or potential case values, please feel free to reach out. Jared enjoys the opportunity to be of assistance and will readily share whatever information, knowledge, or experience he can to meet that goal.