BMORE in Bel Air!

The Silberzahn and Bmore Attorney families are proud to announce the next step in the firm’s expansion. In light of our steady growth over the past few years, and in order to continue to provide the top-notch client service that has generated more and more referrals during that time, it was necessary to consider acquiring a second location. We are happy to report that Bmore Attorney will be making its second home in Harford County (Bel Air) once renovations on the property are complete.

This expansion is a significant benchmark for the firm, the culmination of much hard work and dedication from those a part of the Bmore Attorney team. It is extremely rewarding to look back at our successes and their fruits (as well as the losses, fortunately few, and the lessons they bear) and remember that the late nights and other sacrifices of all those involved will have “built a home” for Bmore Attorney, from which we can help countless other clients in the years to come.

And yet, it also signals just a new beginning for how we intend to take our practice to the next level. While important to celebrate this success for what it is, it is equally important to not pause long to do so, as there are many other clients who do and will need our assistance, and who will, rightfully, expect the same level of attention and results that they’ve come to expect. Just as any big settlement or verdict deserves to be celebrated, there are others to come that need to be prepared for.

But before moving on to “the next success,” I’d be hugely remiss if I didn’t recognize all of the people who share in this one. I have learned a lot about myself in this journey into building our practice; one such lesson is that, while I have a tendency to want to do everything myself (possibly why I opened my own firm), the ceiling for growth is low if you’re not willing to ask for help. The following folks have all helped, perhaps more than they know and, for that, I’m forever grateful. I’ve been truly blessed to be surrounded by people who want to help us succeed.

I know people say “I couldn’t have done it without…” and maybe they mean it. Well, I mean it when I say we could not have done this without the hard work and support of my wife, Jess. From understanding the many, many late nights and other sacrifices our family has endured during this process, to digging deeper into the business from a multitude of different angles (to include our charitable arm, which we’re very proud of), Jess wouldn’t let us be anything but successful. She is the voice that says, “You’ve got this,” in those moments of self-doubt, and has been since I was merely thinking of starting my own firm. I’m invigorated by the prospects of the successes to come as Jess gets even more involved in various Bmore projects along the way.

It’s also impossible to overstate how much my team at Bmore Attorney has meant to our growth and to this specific expansion. Our clients expect and deserve the same level of service that the friends who referred them got or that the former client in the review that led them to us received. I’m proud that my team brings a consistently high level of commitment and diligence to the office each day, delivering to our clients the impeccable service, with empathy and great skill. We don’t have an advertising budget, so we grow because people refer us to their friends, family, and colleagues. They have done so on a large scale because no matter who they’re speaking with, our clients know they can have confidence that their matter will be handled with the same focus as if it was literally our own case.

My financial dream team, comprised of Scott and Diane Mattingly of Mattingly & Associates and Mark C. Pallack of Harvest Investment Consultants, LLC deserve high praise and were an integral part of making this recent dream become a reality. Being able to lean hard on folks who are experts in areas I am not, and being able to trust 100% what they’re saying, is a blessing to have had during a sometimes difficult process.

And, of course, I cannot end without thanking countless others who have helped get us to this recent success “mile marker”:

My own friends and family, who have not only provided much needed moral support but have also referred people they know who have been injured and are in need of legal services to our office;

Colleagues (and some who have become friends that could be considered in the above group) who have recommended our services to their own clients when a death or injury has unfortunately occurred after a negligent act;

Insurance adjusters and insurance defense attorneys (supposedly “the enemy,” depending on some of my competitors’ views of what we’re doing) for also recommending us to their clients or family and friends. All referrals are valuable and appreciated, but there is something exceptionally rewarding when an adversary who has “done battle” against you has enough respect for your abilities to send a referral your way.

And last, but certainly not least, my own family deserves much credit for this success, as with any other. I was blessed to be raised in one that ingrained in me the belief that working hard, treating people the right way, and doing my best day in and day out is always a recipe for success and, in time, will get you where you want to go. I not only heard this growing up; I had role models showing me. I’m hopeful that the lessons I learned from my mother, father and brother are being passed down to my boys and that they recognize that the sacrifices I make in time away from the family are not only for my clients but for them, as well. But whether I’m doing that part of my job at home or not, my family needs to be recognized for their understanding, when it seems as though the family business is all-consuming.  

Thank you all for your enduring support. We appreciate and are grateful for your referrals and recommendations and look forward to serving them, whether out of our Towson office or, soon, out of our Bel Air location. We’re proud that we’ll have two locations in the years to come to better serve our deserving clients.