Carlie has been a valued member of the Bmore family since June of 2021. She has only worked in personal injury litigation and works on all aspects of cases, though she specializes in litigation and trial preparation. She enjoys working with her Bmore teammates to help clients during the tough times in their lives brought on by the injuries that led them to Bmore Attorney for help. Prior to joining Bmore Attorney, Carlie was a pastry chef in various shops and restaurants around Baltimore. When she’s not helping Bmore clients, Carlie enjoys hiking, traveling, and trying out new food spots.

“Carlie is cool under pressure, which makes her perfect for the litigation work she focuses on. You know the saying, ‘If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen’? Well, Carlie’s background as a pastry chef and in busy restaurant kitchens must’ve help prepare her for the intensity required for litigation, trial preparation and effective execution. Carlie quickly became an important part of our operation soon after her arrival and has only become more integral to the firm since.” - Jared