Tessa is a paralegal here at Bmore Attorney, a position she has grown to make her own since 2019. Tessa handles client and vendor inquiries with great care and compassion, putting clients who are in a stressful situation well at ease.

Tessa enjoys getting to know a client personally during their case’s lifespan and ensures that each client feels that they are an individual and not just a “case.” For her, the best part of coming to work each day (aside from the family feel and warm atmosphere of the office and our team) is seeing positive outcomes for clients facing a hard time and the resulting fulfillment it brings to that person’s life. Outside of work, Tessa likes relaxing outdoors, shopping, watching movies, and spending time with her puppy.

“You can’t spell asset without Tessa. From Day 1, she has proven to be an invaluable teammate, bringing an upbeat, optimistic demeanor to every task she encounters. Her empathetic approach to each client interaction is something that is often mentioned by clients as their most memorable trait of Tessa’s. They say that everyone has an off day every once in a while, but I think Tessa is the rare exception to that “rule.” - Jared